Frequently Asked Questions

Do you manage rental property? No - just vacation and house check for second home owners and condominiums.

Who conducts home check visits and how often? As owner/operator of HouseCheckAZ, I will make visits, and you can start and stop our house check service as needed.

Do you offer live-in house sitting? No.

How much do you charge? Pricing depends upon your location, size of home, and services needed. Please contact us for information.

Are you insured? Yes, with Low and Johnson Inc., and licensed in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Fountain Hills, AZ.

Will you contact us during our absence? Yes, we will email, fax or mail you a report after every inspection. These can be used as documentation with your insurance company. We send pictures and notes of anything needing attention, and immediately contact you in an emergency situation.

Could a neighbor watch our home in our absence? Neighbors mean well but often miss things. Neighbors have their own priorities which could affect how frequently they check your home. We care for your home as our own, and use a detailed inspection process - not just a general walk-through on our house check visits.

Can you help us get some work done on our house? Yes, we can recommend contractors for home maintenance such as irrigation system repair, painting, etc.

Do you take care of pools? No, but we have several pool maintenance companies we can refer.

Do you provide pet sitting services? Yes, we can provide pet sitting services in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills for an additional charge.

Are you accepting new customers for your house check service? Yes. We are accepting new clients for house sitting in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills.

How often are your house check visits? Exclusive of pets, we recommend every two weeks, but we have a flexible service from weekly, bi-weekly to monthly inspection intervals. We tailor the house check visits to your specific needs.